Day 1: Arkansas Service Trip 2017 - Last Hope K9 Rescue
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Day 1: Arkansas Service Trip 2017

Day 1: Arkansas Service Trip 2017

By: Jessica Teng
Volunteer, adopter, and foster mom

Bright and early this morning, we started off the trip with a bang at our weekly transport, where we send dogs in Arkansas foster homes on the rescue road to Boston to find their furever families! It is both a joyous, but also sometimes emotional, event. Sad, because it can be difficult for our Arkansas fosters to say goodbye to these pups and board them onto the bus, but very joyous because the community comes together to send these beloved pups off to the futures they deserve. Just Us Beagles and Hearts, LLC take turns doing our weekly transport, and we are so grateful for our partnership with them!

We all had our share of puppy kisses and snuggles, and will be thrilled to see all of these pups, including the adorable Boston litter, back in Boston when we return next week! Safe journey, pups!!

Next up–our first shelter, West Memphis Animal Shelter! Rescue Road, our southern sister rescue, in partnership with Last Hope K9 Rescue, has been pulling dogs from WMAS for just over 3 years now, and, during this period of time, have pulled 280 dogs into foster homes and onto forever homes in New England. How incredible is that?! We were so humbled to see the shelter staff, including Kerry and Trent, and were reminded just how lucky we and their pups are to have this incredible group of people. Their dedication to protecting dogs and cats in the community and advocating for them is obvious–if you haven’t started following them on Facebook, definitely head over there to check out the action (and also check out Last Hope’s live feed from WMAS with Trent and our own Steph, too!)

Thanks to the generous contributions of our supporters, we were able to provide the materials for a beautiful, weather-proof new shed at WMAS. Local volunteers built the shed and pulled it together, and our Last Hope volunteers spent today moving and organizing shelves, cabinets, and pantry space from the overcrowded garage currently used to house dog food and supplies.


Every dog in the shelter was walked, bathed, and had pawdicures, and we conducted medical tests for those who had not yet had them. I’ve recently earned a ‘reputation’ for being the crazy dog-nail lady, and I proudly trimmed away today. It’s safe to say that many people and dogs fell in love today, and seeing such beautiful connections develop in a short amount of time just confirmed how wonderful these creatures are, that we are so lucky to have them in our lives.

Among the happiest news, two healthy little pups, timid stray brothers, were pulled today in addition to two others into Arkansas foster homes! I quickly fell in love with timid Dingo and Dango, and was lucky to witness the blooming of their personalities from hanging out in their kennel, through a good long snuggle and treat session on our car ride home, and on a little walk outside–what little nuggets! And even more blossoming when they met their happy foster sister–they both opened up significantly and started playing together. It was such a joy to see. I miss them already–but hoping I’ll get to see them in Boston in a few weeks when they transport up!



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