Day 1: Arkansas Service Trip 2018 - Last Hope K9 Rescue
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Day 1: Arkansas Service Trip 2018

Day 1: Arkansas Service Trip 2018

Humane Society of Saline County

By: Alicia O’Reilly
Volunteer, adopter, & foster

It’s day 1 of the service trip, and I don’t know what to expect. See I’ve never gone on the trip before, and I don’t even know most volunteers I’ll be traveling with. Nervous and excited I was ready to do this! I started my day at 04:00, and made it to Little Rock by 11:45; meeting some great volunteers along the way. So far, so good! Immediately we’re off to do what we’ve come down for, we’re off to the shelters.  

First up is Saline County. A sign reads “Be kind to our friends”: 

Be kind to our friends? You mean love them to pieces? Of course, we can do that! We got to cuddle, feed, and bathe some adorable puppies. I mean look at the pictures, AH-DOOR-AH-BLE!

But it’s not just about the puppies, we got to walk and show love to all the dogs, young and old. And we didn’t forget about you kitty cats! We made sure to show them some love as well.  

Something that struck me on this visit was the care of the animals. I felt like they really-really care about all the animals, not just in this facility, but all the animals everywhere. Hearing the staff talk about the programs they run for the town is something special. I was really impressed with their passion, and dedication.  

I left Saline County feeling great; this was a happy way to start to our trip. And it has me thinking what else can we do to help these pups? Day 2 – here we come!  

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