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The Adventures Continue…

The Adventures Continue…

Written By:  Steph Phenix, Medical Coordinator

Bald Knob

On the final day of our trip, all of the volunteers traveled to Bald Knob, a town of about 3,000 people in a rural area northeast of Little Rock. The Animal Control Officer, Threasha, met us at the local police station and we all caravanned over to the shelter. This shelter is a small cinderblock building with an indoor space and an outdoor run for each kennel. There are also two fenced in areas outside for exercising the dogs.  At the shelter we met Chuck, a city councilman. Chuck and Threasha have worked together over the last 4 years to improve the shelter and it looked even better than it did last spring when we visited, not to mention that there were about half as many dogs. Chuck was overcome as he told us how important the shelter and the dogs are to him and how much he appreciated us being there, even more motivation to do as much as we could!

Threasha taught a few of our volunteers her kennel cleaning method and they quickly went to work. Cleaning and sanitizing is so important in such a small space in order to prevent diseases from spreading among dogs and Threasha is known for her strict protocol. Of course, you can’t put a dirty pup back in a clean kennel, so all the dogs were treated to a tubby!

The rest of the volunteers worked to clear some brush next to the shelter. We used chainsaws, shears and our own strength to pull out the overgrowth, revealing a beautiful creek bed. Clearing this brush will reduce the risk of fire and improve the safety of the shelter.

We also had a few visitors while there, including other rescuers, dog transporters and a Last Hope dog that was pulled and is currently in foster. It was great to see how connected our rescue family really is! We enjoyed lunch together outside in the yard as the weather was beautiful.

Bald Knob may not be a large or elaborate shelter but it is so easy to see that the dogs are loved and well cared for. Whenever you enter any shelter, the dogs will begin to bark, either from excitement or stress. At Bald Knob, the dogs bark because they are so happy to see Threasha. After she let them into their outdoor kennels they were perfectly calm, laying down and sunning themselves in the grass. It was evident that the dogs felt better now that Mama Threasha had arrived. Her dedication is an inspiration to all of us!

Bald Knob3 Bald Knob2 Bald Knob1

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