Meet Adoptable Dog Rowan - Last Hope K9 Rescue
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Meet Adoptable Dog Rowan

Meet Adoptable Dog Rowan

Meet Adoptable Dog Rowan

Blog Article by: Nicholas Murphy

Rowan, affectionately nicknamed Ro Ro Girl by her foster mom, is a lovably emotive Pit Bull mix, in search of her forever home. When it comes to cuddling, there is no such thing as personal space in Rowan’s dictionary. This means you’ll often find her precariously perched on others, as she scrambles to plop squarely in the middle of her loved ones.

While Rowan is a mushy lovebug at home and around familiar faces, she is very hesitant with strangers. To stave off unwanted attention, Rowan will growl and remain on alert. Rowan’s current foster notes that this behavior stems direct from her insecurities. As such, Rowan needs a home with an experienced dog owner. One who maintains a calm and collected demeanor in a variety of situations, that may otherwise alarm Rowan. A strong, consistent presence will ensure Rowan feels secure. Rowan would also be best suited for a home without children or small animals, including small dogs.

Rowan’s foster notes that she sometimes misbehaves on leash, a behavior that can be managed by an owner who consistently implements proper handling techniques. Time and patience also go a long way in combating Rowan’s hesitancy towards others. Whether it’s a potential adopter or playmate, multiple meet and greets are encouraged. A controlled routine will allow Rowan to warm up to new people and pets, at a pace that’s comfortable for her.

Speaking of comfortable, once Rowan settles in, her insecurities simply melt, giving way to her infinitely goofy side. She’s also quite the showboat, especially in front of her foster brother. With a puffed-out chest, Rowan proudly displays her chew toy, daring her foster brother to give chase. However, she knows full well she’ll never be caught, given her blistering speed and uncanny ability to change direction.

Meet Adoptable Dog Rowan

Not one to be tardy for a meal or a romp, Rowan will let out an off-pitch (and utterly adorable) bark when she knows it’s past her times to eat or walk. If you continue to ignore Miss Rowan’s more subtle attempts at getting your attention, she will let out a few of her signature snorts, signaling her annoyance. Even if you’ve forced out her grumpy snorts, don’t fret, as she’s quick to forgive, provided you’re prepared to spoil with one of her favorite treats. These range from dehydrated meats to various dog-friendly fruits and vegetables.

Rowan is happiest after a hearty meal and long walk or playtime. With her energy burned and a full tummy, she is ready for an onslaught of cuddles. You’ll know she’s enjoying the attention, as she’s known to “trust fall” back, before sinking into a delightful pile of Pit Bull.
Ever eager to please, Rowan reciprocates the affection she’s shown with a surplus of slobbery smooches!

Rowan’s loyalty knows no limits and she will thrive with an adopter, who is willing to put the effort in. This means plenty of patience, strong leadership and a commitment to helping her succeed. So, if you’re looking for grey-spotted face, sweet enough to make your heart twirl, look no farther than Rowan.

If you are interested in learning more about Rowan please submit an adoption application on our website, here: If you are already fully approved to adopt from Last Hope K9 Rescue, then please email and let them know you are interested.

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