10K Lives Saved: Medical Foster to Adopt Program - Last Hope K9 Rescue
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10K Lives Saved: Medical Foster to Adopt Program

10K Lives Saved: Medical Foster to Adopt Program

Written by Marie C., LHK9 Assistant Director of Adoptions, Medical, Intake, and Post Adoptions

At Last Hope K9 Rescue we have a unique program set up for certain medical dogs and their adopters called our Medical Foster to Adopt Program (FTA). This program is for dogs with current/chronic medical needs that have found an adopter but need a little more TLC before they can be cleared for adoption. Our Adoptions Team works closely with our Foster to Adopt Coordinator to find the right furever fit for these special dogs and help facilitate their care so that when they are officially adopted they are in the best possible health to start out their furever journey.

In 2021 alone, we have had 17 dogs enter this program (8 are still currently looking for their furever families) and 9 have found their perfect homes. Medical reasons have ranged from needing to establish a permanent veterinary relationship for daily medications, dental surgeries, orthopedic surgeries, and heartworm treatment. While dogs are in the FTA program, LHK9 covers all medical bills, provides monthly preventatives, and mentors the new adopters throughout the process. FTA families are made into temporary foster homes so that we can send those dogs home with their necessary medications and take care of their medical needs until we can responsibly adopt them out; every dog is a unique situation.

Let’s meet two Foster to Adopt Dogs currently looking for their furever homes!

Foster to Adopt

Meet Gretchen

Gretchen is a 5-year-old Catahoula/German Shepherd mix that is looking for her family. In the past 6 months she has had both knees operated on because of luxating patellas and torn ligaments in her knees. According to Gretchen, “ball is life” so it was a top priority for the LHK9 Medical Team to get those knees in shape so she can get back to chasing her favorite ball! Gretchen’s amazing foster mom, Victoria, has seen her through both surgeries and weekly physical therapy.  Due to how damaged her knees were, she needs some extra help from the amazing Physical Therapy team at Boston Animal Hospital so that when she is medically cleared she will be in the best orthopedic condition!  She will need a family that is able to continue to bring her to Boston Animal Hospital for PT as well as do some at home PT exercises until she has graduated from the program (LHK9 covers all costs for this). 

Meet Sasha Dinga

Sasha Dinga is a 7 year old Shepherd mix that is still searching for her family. Sasha is in the FTA program because she has mild urinary incontinence in her older age and is on a daily medication called Proin. This medication helps control her bladder so she stays leak free and healthy. When a dog is on a daily prescription medication and they find their family, we have them in the FTA program for a short period of time so that their family is able to establish a relationship with a veterinarian and obtain a prescription in their name for the dog. It is very important to us that there be no gaps in dogs taking their medication because an adopter cannot get a vet appointment immediately after adoption. Sasha falls in this category to make sure she continues her medication properly. 

If you are interested in learning more about Gretchen or Sasha Dinga please email adoptions@lasthopek9.org.

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