10K Lives Saved: Cooper's Adoption Story - Last Hope K9 Rescue
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10K Lives Saved: Cooper’s Adoption Story

10K Lives Saved: Cooper’s Adoption Story

Cooper 1Cooper is a special boy that holds a place in the hearts of so many Last Hope K9 Rescue followers. After a couple of years and a couple of returns, he finally found the loving home that he truly deserves.

Cooper came to Last Hope in 2013, one of the handful of dogs that the rescue received from a partner in Georgia. He was still very young at that time with lots of energy and was a hit at adoption events. He was quickly adopted to a family that soon decided they couldn’t handle his energy level and had to return him to the rescue.

After he came back Cooper’s fosters started to teach him how to relax. Cooper was obsessed with tennis balls and would fetch indefinitely (one of his fosters counted more than 200 throws before giving up!) and never seemed to get worn out. He had to learn that taking naps and being calm could be fun too, and this helped make him a more well-rounded dog.

Cooper was adopted again in 2014, but a few months later he came back to the rescue. By this time, Cooper had a true army who was determined to find his family. Over the years he had lived with a few different fosters who all advocated for this misunderstood boy, continuing to work with him on relaxing and bringing him to events to show off his fun personality. At one event someone brought him a box of tennis balls and set him loose in a room; it was pure, unbridled joy!

At an adoption event in 2015, Cooper finally found his family. His adopter remembers one of ourCooper 2 volunteers carrying him into the event like a baby (Cooper was very fond of this) and how her son instantly bonded with him. Three of Cooper’s fosters went together to drop him off at his new home. One of the fosters had written a document all about Cooper and the adopter’s son had not only read it a few times but also printed it out for all of his family to read. One foster remembers the son telling dad how Cooper likes to interact with people. He was so dedicated to giving Cooper the best transition possible. While Cooper was a little anxious in the first month, he eventually settled in and in the words of his adopters is “the best dog they could have asked for.”

Cooper’s adopter shares a story about how important he is to their family:

“My son was in the hospital for a year and while in recovery all he wanted was to see Cooper. I got special permission to bring him in. He was on his best behavior and such a gentleman; he greeted everyone he saw so gently. He became a favorite at the place.”

Some dogs need a little more time to find that perfect fit, and we are so lucky at Last Hope to have been able to provide that for Cooper!

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