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Meet Lucuma the tripawd!

Meet Lucuma the tripawd!

from Lulu’s (wonderful) former adopters:


Meet Lucuma! Lucuma—Lu or Lulu for short – is a medium-sized, medium-energy snugglebug tripod who is housetrained and crate trained. Lulu has some special needs that I want to explain to you, her potential future adopters. As far as we know, our family has spent the longest amount of time living with Lulu and we’ve learned a lot about where she excels, and where she needs a little support from her humans. Every dog has its strengths and weaknesses, and with Lulu, you will know exactly what to expect!

Lulu has a history of good things being taken away from her. When she was rescued, she already had her little green tummy tattoo indicating that she’d been spayed, which meant she must have had a family before. She suffered a grievous injury and had her leg amputated, but healed from it like a champ. She bobbled around from foster to foster, and made the trip north. So it’s understandable that when she finds a good thing, she wants to protect it. This is called resource guarding in the dog behavior world.

You’ll see in Lulu’s profile that she’s not good with kids or dogs. That can be true, and she needs a home without them, but it is not a problem to have Lulu around kids or dogs out in the world, if you advocate for her. And Lulu’s trainer, who is generously offering to show Lulu’s new family the ropes, will make sure you know how to do that.

Lulu became very close with my husband and I. We did a lot of training with her and since we don’t have a yard, we took her for long walks in the woods every day. She was trained to be safe off-leash, which deepened our bond.

We became Lulu’s new resource.

We have a 4-year-old daughter who loves Lulu very much. But 4-year-olds aren’t known for their predictability, and if my daughter ran up from behind to give me a hug, poor Lulu thought I was about to be attacked! This made Lulu really tense. Ultimately, Lulu became so uncomfortable around our daughter that it became clear Lulu wasn’t truly happy in our home. She should live in an adult-only home, or a home with much older children (high school aged).

Lulu doesn’t need sympathy for her missing leg or other hard things in her past. She has the capacity for amazing love and happiness, and that’s what her life will be filled with going forward. But she does have her anxieties due to her past. Lulu is scared of the dark, and her trainer and foster are working with her to overcome this. Her new family will need to continue working with her to help her become comfortable going out after dark for a potty break. Again, Lulu’s trainer will teach you everything you need to know. Lulu also takes a daily medication for anxiety, which helps her a lot. It costs about $4/month. She’s already making progress: she can get through this challenge!


Lulu made amazing progress with her anxiety in her seven months with us, and will continue to improve as she gets older and sees that the world isn’t such a scary place after all.

We did lots of training with Lulu, so her new family will have a really well-trained pup! She has amazing leash manners and won’t pull on a walk. She also can be off-leash in safe, legal areas – once you learn her commands with her trainer (though dog parks aren’t the best for her).

Lulu is a smarty-pants and knows the following commands: sit, down-stay, place, come, roll over, wait, leave it, out (drop it), off, spin, high five, and paw. She also plays hide and seek and can jump through a hula hoop. Good girl!

Lulu is dependable alone out of her crate—she never destroyed anything in our house–but will also be ok staying in her crate while you’re gone (especially with something yummy to chew on). She may bark if a loud truck rolls by, but she is not a problem barker. She can be playful and loves to run. Overall, she is a relaxed, easy-going dog at home.

If Lulu becomes your new family member, you will have amazing support from the Last Hope K9 community through their active adopter’s Facebook page. You will have access to her trainer, Ashley, as I mentioned.

We love Lulu so much and want to see her find her true forever home. She has so much love and affection to give. Don’t be scared away by her few challenges. Every dog (purebred, rescued, or anywhere in-between) has its quirks—with Lulu, you have the rare benefit of knowing *exactly* what they are in advance, and will be given amazing tools to manage them. She is the perfect dog for a kid-free, single-dog family. Are you that family?

Visit Lulu’s albums for more pictures and info



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