Adoption Information

Thank you for your interest in adopting from LHK9!

Our focus is to make sure we find the perfect match for you and your family as well as for each of our dogs. Not sure which dog you want to adopt? Fill out an application, let us know what traits your are looking for, and we will work to make the right match!

If you have any questions in the meantime, please email


Why Adopt

You will be saving TWO lives: the life of the dog you adopt and the life of the dog that takes its place in the shelter! Millions of loving companion dogs are euthanized every year simply because there is not enough room or resources to care for them. Every dog NOT purchased from a pet store or from a backyard breeder helps to reduce the pet overpopulation problem.

There are plenty of dogs to choose from in dog rescue! They come in every age, shape, size, color, and breed mix. You can often find purebreds among our adoptable pets as well.

You are getting a healthier pet! LHK9 gets a full vet exam on each of our dogs and makes sure they are up to date on all their shots. In addition to medical care, we screen animals for specific temperaments and behaviors so that we can place them in the best possible home.

Our adoptions team will work with you to make that perfect match. They will try and make sure that you are choosing the pet that will make both family and animal happy with each other.

An adopted pet can enrich your life in ways both big and small!

Adopter Responsibilities

1. The daily care and maintenance of the dog(s), providing them with fresh food and water, and any necessary medications.

2. Provide a safe, clean, caring environment with toys/enrichment and shelter.

3. Provide exercise and socialization as appropriate.

4. Monitor any medical and/or behavioral problems.

Adoption Process

We emphasize matching the right dog with the right family so that all involved will have many happy years together. Here is the breakdown of our application process:

1. Complete our online adoption application or print one and email it to
2. Veterinary reference & personal references
3. Home visit
4. Adoption contract
5. Meet and greet
6. Sign adoption contact & pay adoption fee
7. Bring your new pooch home!

The adoption process can take just a couple of weeks to upwards of a month. For dogs that have received a number of applications, it can take a little time for our adoption coordinators to sort through them all. Please remember that we are completely volunteer-run so all of this work is being done after the workday and on the weekends. We hope that you will be patient with us while we help you to find your perfect match!

You may not be the only one interested in adopting a particular dog. In these cases, we go by who applied first while also doing our best to match dogs with homes that will be a great fit.

If you don’t get your first choice, don’t worry! We have plenty of amazing dogs in need of loving homes and we transport an average of 25 dogs to New England every week. Take your time, your new pal is out there!

To check out our available dogs, please visit our Facebook page where each adoptable dog has its own album or visit our Adoptable Dogs tab on our website to filter by age, breed, etc.

Adoption Fees

Last Hope K9 Rescue is a private, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that relies completely on private donations and our own fund raising abilities to operate. We receive no federal, state, or government funding, nor do we receive funds from any national animal welfare organizations.

The fee collected upon a dog’s adoption goes toward offsetting the costs involved in providing care for our dogs and toward preparing them for placement into a new home.

Our adoption fee* is $525 for dogs under 1 year old, $475 for dogs 1 – 5 years old, and $425 for dogs 5 years and older. The adoption fee covers vaccinations (Rabies, Bordatella, DAPP), de-worming, vetting, transport and, per MA and NH law,a minimum 48 hours of quarantine after transport. Dogs that are old enough at the time of transport will also be spayed or neutered.

A common question among adopters is, “Why are adoption fees so high? Shouldn’t adopting a dog be free, or at least very cheap?” Our adoption fee barely covers the cost of a young healthy dog, let alone the cost of saving those who need more medical care or training. Fees from the younger, more adoptable dogs help offset the cost of caring for the others. In any given year, our adoption fees only cover approximately 80% of our program costs.



As a completely volunteer-run organization, every dollar goes toward saving lives. We have no overhead costs and no paid employees. To make a donation to help support veterinary care for a dog in need, please click here.
*Please note: our fee is non-refundable. This is also noted in our Adoption Contract.

Adoption Application

To help ensure that we make the best possible match for you and for our dogs, please click on the link below to download our adoption application. Fill it out completely and return it to We are a 100% volunteer run organization, so please allow our adoptions team 24 hours to respond!

Applying does not mean you are required to adopt, it just lets us know you that are seriously considering adopting a dog. Once you have an approved application on file, you are all set to adopt once you find your new best friend.

fill out the application online

Acclimating Your New Family Member


Adoption through Last Hope K9 Rescue is a lifetime commitment. We thoroughly screen each application and seek to make the best fit for our adopters and dogs. Because our dogs are living in foster homes, we have a firm grasp on their needs, personalities, and activity levels. Before adopting, we encourage you to put a lot of consideration into what you are looking for in your new pet and to be realistic in your expectations. With an open heart and an open mind, your rescue dog will be your new best friend!


Our #1 adoption rule is to have patience. There is always an adjustment period for your dog to get comfortable in your home. Change can be stressful for dogs and for people, so it could take a few days to a few weeks for your rescue dog to feel fully settled in and comfortable in your home. As long as you are gentle, take time to bond with your dog and to build your relationship, we promise that you will have an amazing and rewarding experience!

For more information about what to expect and the acclimation period, please download our adoption packet here.