About Us

How We Started

In February of 2012, Last Hope K9 Rescue founder Rachele Huelsman adopted her beloved dog Moe from Benton, Arkansas. In the weeks that followed Moe’s adoption, Rachele learned more about where her dog came from and was saddened to hear that nearly 75% of the dogs that entered the shelter never made it out. Moe was one of the lucky ones.

Through the help of local volunteers, a local rescue, and fosters, Rachele began pulling dogs from Benton Animal Control one-by-one. The first group of dogs arrived in April of 2012 and were greeted by local fosters who opened up their hearts and homes to these dogs in need. Through the love and support of our amazing volunteers, friends, fosters, and donors, Last Hope K9 Rescue began to grow into a full New England dog rescue organization.

Today, Last Hope K9 Rescue continues to primarily partner with Benton Animal Control, but also works with shelters in rural Arkansas, rural Georgia, and New York while also helping with local dogs needing to be rehomed.

Our goal remains the same: continue to save one, until there are none.

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